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Code Craft Crew is the ios app development company in USA that specializes in building fully customizable IT solutions with optimum UI/UX designs to develop your ideas into robust applications after brainstorming with the needs of your target users. We provide Agile methodology , mobile app development services in USA which makes the process more accessible to you. After understanding their needs, we provide our clients with the perfect solutions, proving us to be the ecommerce mobile app development company in USA.

Prototyping is a crucial component in the user experience design process. Mobile app development company in USA can use prototypes to evaluate design concepts and user flows prior to settling to final output. Prototypes not only assist evaluate what functions, but they also reveal aspects and functionality that are missing. Android and ios app development company in USA would spend valuable resources querying over the actual solution if the prototyping phase did not exist. Low-fidelity prototypes let developers test information architecture and user flows, whereas high-fidelity prototypes show how the user will engage with the project result. In this post,…

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